If your business resides in the corporate world you’ll know all about the importance of a quality brochure or a well presented annual report. When it comes to corporate brochures and annual reports – design counts.

Don’t think that spending money on a printed brochure is unnecessary in today’s digital world – that’s far from true. In fact a professionally designed brochure, printed on quality paper, is an important marketing tool, especially in the corporate world.

At Barry Design we love to design company brochures, and believe it or not we quite like the challenge of making a company’s annual report as exciting as we can with all those facts and figures!

We’ve put together 5 points to consider when creating your corporate brochure

  1. Choose high quality paper

Cheap, flimsy paper is like a weak handshake. Choosing high quality paper for your brochure will make a good impression and promote confidence in your company.

  1. Choosing the right images and colours

An annual report, even a corporate brochure, can be pretty boring without images. We humans are attracted to the visual elements. Your report or brochure will be much more likely to resonate with the recipient if it has quality relevant images. Investing in photographs unique to your company is well worth it if you have the budget for a photo-shoot. The colour theme of your brochure is equally important. Use shades and tones of your signature colours to cement brand recognition.

  1. Keep to the point

People don’t want to read long chunks of text. Don’t dilute your message with waffling content. Don’t try to impress with ‘big words’. The more complex the text the less credibility your company will receive!

  1. Aim for a response

A captive title will tell what your brochure is about; a call-to-action should provide the reader with the motivation to take the next step. Make sure that you include all methods of making contact, and that these details are clearly visible to the reader. The best brochure design in the world is unlikely to generate business without visible contact details.

  1. Make your corporate brochure worth keeping

Having a strong, unique design printed on quality paper will give you the one brochure people will hold on to at a corporate event or trade show. It will set you apart from your competitors.

Ready to create a stunning corporate brochure? We’re here to help!

Annual reports need good design too!

We don’t want annual reports to be pushed into a corner, or worse still, dropped into the bin after a cursory glance through. Your annual report is your opportunity to connect with your employees, shareholders or customers.

  • Look for a story in your facts and figures that connects to your reader, guiding them through the content, helping them to understand the data and the insights.
  • Create a logical flow for your data using elements of colour, size and shape to elevate the visuals of the report.
  • Whether an internal report or one meant for customers the content should incorporate your company colours and style to strengthen your branding.

If your company has an annual report to prepare our design team has some pretty cool ideas to make it something special.