Trifold A4

At Barry Design and Print we can produce A4 folded to DL flyers at a very reasonable cost. A4/DL flyers are our speciality…A4/DL is an A4 sheet folded twice to 99mm W x 210 mm H and it’s a very popular sized flyer because firstly, it’s shape fits neatly into your standard business envelope or pocket and secondly it’s a very economical flyer to print.

You’ll find that in hotel foyers they have display boxes that are made to take only this shape flyer or brochure, so consider where you might be displaying your flyers before you decide on what shape of flyer you will print.

How long does it take to design and print an A4/DL flyer?

If you can email all the text and images into us for say Monday morning, we will have a full proof to show you within 2 hours and if you sign off on the artwork by lunchtime Monday, we’ll have the printed leaflets ready for you on wednesday lunchtime, of the same week. It’s a fast turnaround but there’s no compromise on quality. We’ll take as long as it takes to make sure we have a very strong design that you’re happy with and we manage our printing very carefully to ensure you’re very happy with the final product.

It’s in our interest to create the very best marketing materials for you as we know you’ll be back for more! See samples of our A4 flyers below. If you’re looking for a large format brochure check out our brochure design samples here: Corporate Brochure Design and Print