Roller Banners

Roller banners are large laminated posters fixed to a retractable rolling base. The are free standing and so are ideal for putting up at any exhibition or inside your shop, whenever you want to make a quick impactful message to attract customers. When you want to take them down and move them to another location, they roll back into the base, you fold away the legs and support pole and they all neatly fit into a smart carry case.

Roller banners are an instant marketing tool with a lot of impact

Every business should have one! you never know when an opportunity will come up where you can pop up the banner and create a great selling space for your business. The typical Roller banner measures about 1m wide x 2m high which gives you a lot of space to present your business. Check out our special offer on Roller banners here and below you can flick though lots of previously designed banners.