Business Cards

Every business needs a business card. It’s the most basic marketing tool and if designed well and printed to a high finish it can make the right impact on a potential new customer. At Barry Design and Print we will design a new card from scratch, using your own logo (if you have one, or we can design a logo for you) and displaying all the key information for your business. We don’t charge extra for printing a two sided card so we encourage people to use the back of the card to remind people of your full list of services. Don’t presume everyone knows everything you do – tell them on your business card!. The business card acts like a mini brochure, and once the information is designed and laid out well it can be a very informative marketing device.

Professionally designed, two sided, laminated business cards

You can have your cards professionally designed for a very small fee to ensure your card stands out from all the others at those big networking events! The printed finish of our cards is of a very high quality with vibrant colour reproduction, smart layouts and with matt lamination as standard to ensure they last a long time in your wallet without smudging or getting dogeared. If you’ve ever tried the cheap online Do-It-Yourself business cards you will find they look poor quality, they feel poor quality and what do they ultimately say about your business? Remember you’re not a Graphic Designer – trust us to take care of your image which will be represented in a well designed business card from Barry Design and Print. If you’re looking for something really special we can advise you on some very elegant speciality cards, with maybe silver or gold foil printing, or go crazy and have your cards made in plastic or even metal!
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