Most businesses are currently still in lockdown but we still need to communicate with our customers and potential new ones. Having a well designed company brochure is now more important that ever, so do you have a digital PDF brochure ready to send out to customers?

If you’re chasing new business today make sure you have a high quality digital PDF brochure ready to send as they will ask for it! In this current climate we’re not in a position to meet up with a new customer and impress them using your samples of work and presentation skills, but you can still email them a well designed brochure that will impress your customer when presenting to them through an email or a Zoom meeting.

You could also attach a quality company brochure to a quote you are emailing through because it just might make the difference between getting the job or not!

The beauty of brochures in (soft copy) digital PDF format is you can really tailor them to specific markets/customers and you can have as many pages as you like. You can add hyperlinks to pages on your website and importantly have the most up to date information included. Even if they’re not interested in your services now it’s easy for them to keep your brochure on file to call up later.

Remember, the visual impact of a well designed brochure will be recalled much quicker by a potential customer than a simple email or a phone call.

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