Why Have a Printed Prospectus for Your School or College?

The digital world can have us thinking that the days of a printed prospectus for your school or college is obsolete; that a good website is all you need.

It’s true that a good website is a very valuable asset, but a printed prospectus for your school or college is equally important.

Print in a tangible format is more personal; it can capture the minds and inspiration of both parents and pupils. We usually retain more information when it is presented to us in the printed form; this means your school will stand out among the many a parent will visit when making such a big decision on their child’s future education.

No two schools are the same making it important to design a prospectus that is bespoke to yours, whether nursery, primary, secondary or beyond, it’s equally as important to present your school in the best possible light. That first impression really does count. A bespoke prospectus designed by innovative graphic designers like the Barry Design team will be held on to and remembered long after the open night has passed. Having a professional printed prospectus for your school or college will show that you’ve gone that extra mile, indicating you also go that extra mile for your pupils.

If you’re still thinking that your school has a good website with a downloadable prospectus, and do you really need a printed version, it’s important to remember that people often just scan read a website before moving on to the next; whereas they are more likely to flick through a printed prospectus from cover to cover before leaving it on the kitchen worktop, where it will no doubt be picked up and looked at many times during the decision making process.

Here are 6 reasons to have a printed prospectus for your school or college

  1. A printed prospectus sets a standard of professionalism, showing your school as credible and trustworthy.
  2. Giving out something tangible at an open day will help people remember your school, more so than if they have to look up your website address afterwards.
  3. Glossy printed pages of a prospectus will really showcase your facilities and achievements, or the school’s state-of-the-art facilities or extensive grounds.
  4. A printed prospectus ensures that your reader is giving your school 100% attention while reading, unlike a website where they can easily be distracted by ads and other website pages.
  5. A professional, well designed prospectus is a great marketing tool for your school; especially as over 60% of people still consider printed marketing the most trustworthy.
  6. You can put all the information needed in a printed prospectus, making this big decision easier for the parent or student.

So, when it comes to digital versus print you can have both

A printed prospectus for your school or college will be a sound investment, an effective marketing tool, and evidence of your school’s credibility and trustworthiness. Uploading the digital version to your cool, school website ensures all of these qualities are replicated in the digital world too.

Why not talk to the design team here at Barry Design and get a printed prospectus for your school or college ready for the next open day?