At Barry Design we understand the importance of maintaining and updating websites. We remove the hassle for you, offering a website maintenance package that will carry out all the technical steps for you for a small annual fee.

Ensuring your WordPress website is running on a stable secure version prevents security breaches and technical issues. A lot of fraudulent activity occurs because software is outdated which enable hackers to gain access through unresolved technical bugs. To update the software correctly, development testing needs to be carried out to prevent potential technical issues with conflicting plugins.

The website maintenance package Barry Design provides updates the software every quarter. We will back up your website before carrying out any changes and ensure the new version of Wordpress works with all plugins integrated with your website.


Plugins are always expanding their feature list and fixing any technical bugs that arise. Most websites rely on a number of different plugins to create a dynamic and functional website. With each plugin updating regularly to reduce security risks your website may incur technical issues if not running on their latest stable version. Potential bugs may cause development issues or security breaches which need to be resolved fast to ensure your website is fully functional and safe for your users.

With each quarterly review of your website Barry Design will ensure your plugins are working correctly and test their functionality. We will resolve any conflict which may occur between plugins and themes. We will add new feature updates which benefit your website and advise you of the changes in your report.


Annually we will provide you with a full report of the changes and updates carried out on the website. This breakdown will also include analytics of your website for the year including Page Views, Device Category and Traffic. This information will provide you with a greater overview of how your customers are using the website enabling you to understand how best to target them.

Contact us today to sign up for the Website Maintenance Package to ensure your website is working at it’s best for you and your customers.