It’s a good time for starting a new business as the economy is improving. We’re offering a helping hand to new businesses to get their marketing in place now to help them along the way to world domination!

New logo, website and business cards

We think these are the absolute minimum marketing materials you’ll need when starting a new business. Your logo is the cornerstone of your whole identity – you need to get that right from the start.

Latest statistics show that 96% of consumers will search online for products or services in their area so you simply MUST have a website up there advertising all you have to offer. A professionally designed website can put you up there competing on a level with your biggest competitors. Getting your website established has to be one of the most important steps for any new start up.

Finally, we all still use business cards – they’re handy to have in your pocket to give to someone you’ve just met, to describe your business and give full contact details including your new website address, email etc. As you promote your business at networking events and exhibitions you want to have a professionally designed, high quality card to pass on to potential customers and other contacts.

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