BrochuresIn the digital world we live in there is still something special about quality printed brochures.

That rich feel, as you flick through pages, admire the glossy illustrations, read the informative content at your leisure; is this the power of printed brochures?

Before reaching out for the brochure on the corner of your desk do read on… there is more to the power of printed brochures than you may think.

The printed brochure is one of the most effective tools for showcasing your company and its products and services in a format that is unique to you. The simple physicality of a quality printed brochure brings instant credibility to your company or organisation. It’s something you can leave with clients; it will sit on their desk catching their eye, enticing them to take another look.

From a marketing perspective a well designed, high quality printed brochure is equalled by only the very best of websites. It is dedicated to promoting your business and yours alone. There are no advertising boxes popping up in the wings competing for the reader’s attention. Giving your client a printed brochure means it can do its job without the distractions.

Printed brochures are so versatile; the shape, size, colour, finish and style can all be unique to your company!

The power of printed brochures can far exceed your expectations.

  • A high quality printed brochure can be passed from person to person. It may be an old-school referral method, but it works.
  • A printed brochure, focused on a specific sector of your business is an effective way to target a particular customer group.
  • A printed brochure can be a condensed version of your website that people can get an overview of your business in their hand before your meeting ends.
  • A printed brochure handed out on a sales call, at a trade show, or during an event will have a much stronger impact than a business card.

Now that you know the power of printed brochures – what do you do next?

For a high quality printed brochure that gets results acquiring the expertise of a talented graphic design company is essential. Talking through your ideas with a professional graphic designer like Barry Design means we can help you with the layout, the graphics, the content and the best images to use. We can design a front cover that is eye-catching and powerful, making your company stand out from the competition.

A good design team will show you the different paper textures, weights and finishes available. Also the different ink finishes, spot UV on a matt laminate looks impressive on corporate brochures; while foil embossing turns a quality brochure into a luxury brochure, perfect for wedding venues or designer jewellery perhaps. We can help you select what works best for your brochure.Brochures

Let’s not forget about your company’s annual reports. It’s so important that your annual report gives the right impression; not only to the members of the board, management committees, and staff members, but to prospective clients, potential investors and others who have a vested interest in your business. Don’t take shortcuts on the design, layout and printing of your annual report just because you feel a vast percentage of them get left on desks, briefcases or conference rooms. Having a professional design and layout printed on quality paper will create an impact where it matters most.

BrochuresNow we all know that a good website is still an essential marketing tool for every business – and that’s fine. Here at Barry Design we can look after that for you too! But the power of printed brochures cannot be ignored. It is your story, in one easy-to-read, wonderful to hold, high quality printed brochure that clients will want to keep.

If you want your company to make a lasting impression on your clients don’t underestimate the power of printed brochures – Talk to the graphic design team at Barry Design today!