Mobile Responsive WebsiteBefore we talk about the advantages of a mobile responsive website, let’s consider the disadvantages of not having a mobile-friendly website. Like most people these days you probably have more than one device for accessing the internet; a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

Do you find it annoying when using your phone to navigate a website that looks perfect on your desktop in the office? Try reading this blog post on your desktop, then on your mobile – perfect! That’s because this is a mobile responsive website. Now try it with your own website – how does it fair – mobile responsive, or not?

Statistics say that over 50% of internet traffic is now from mobile devices. If your mobile is not mobile-friendly you cannot begin to measure the business you may be losing to your competitors.

What is responsive web design?

It is the laying out and coding a website to provide optimal viewing experience, easy navigation and reading with the minimum of scrolling and resizing, across a range of devices from large desktop monitors down to mobile phones.

Here are 5 advantages of a mobile responsive website

  1. A mobile responsive website is flexible, moving freely across all screen sizes and devices, filling the allotted space while retaining its appearance.
  2. A mobile responsive website gives optimum user experience. While having fresh, credible content is critical for visitors to your website, it is the mobile responsive feature that allows your visitors to access that content through a device of their choice, anytime, anywhere.
  3. There are cost advantages to having a mobile responsive website. One website that conforms to the needs of all devices is significantly more cost effective than running two separate sites. A website designed for mobile only won’t have the advanced navigation that traditional websites offer. This is an inconvenience to the often impatient user and may send them off to the competition.
  4. If mobile responsive web design is deemed ‘best practice’ by Google, we listen. With over 67% of search market share, Google is not to be ignored. When their emphasis is on user experience it makes sense that a mobile responsive website will rank better than a traditional website. Google prefers mobile responsive websites because the content is all in one place, with one URL, making it much easier for users to share, link to and interact with.
  5. A fresh, modern, easy-to-read, mobile responsive website creates customer satisfaction, builds trust in your company, which in turn can build revenue. If you sell anything on your website, being mobile-friendly makes it super-easy for users. Images will scale properly, and descriptions will be easy to read. More and more of us are buying online, and even more are using mobile devices to do it!

If you want to reap the rewards for these advantages of a mobile responsive website talk to us here at Barry Design about updating your website to be mobile-friendly, user-friendly and Google-friendly! Use our enquiry form or contact us at 021 4354598

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