It’s all too easy to pump your efforts into digital advertising when all around you are smart phones, tablets and laptops, but we shouldn’t dismiss the advantages of advertising leaflets.

In reality as long as paper is being used printed leaflets will always be an effective marketing tool. You will see for yourself the advantages of advertising leaflets when done correctly; they are visually appealing, drawing the eye to the graphics and information given, especially when printed on good quality paper. At Barry Design we always recommend a 170gm-200gm paper.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of advertising leaflets

Cost Effective

Printed leaflets are a cost effective way of getting the word out about your business. If you sell to the consumer then posting eye-catching leaflets through people’s doors is a great way to know you are reaching many. Let’s face it, we all pause for a second to flick through the post every day – an attractive leaflet will be sure to catch our attention.

Of course there is the cost of the manpower it takes to post them, but this can be quite small compared to paying for ads to be noticed digitally, which could run into thousands! Even when you add up the cost of design and printing your flyers it can still be significantly cheaper to reach the target market you seek.

Here at Barry Design we specialize in the design and print of all types of flyers, A4, A5 and DL, we can even cut flyers into specific shapes to create an even greater impact.

Lots of Information

Often digital marketing is limited to word count (think Social Media), the advantages of advertising leaflets lets you use as much information as you want; as long as it is still visually pleasing to the eye of course. You can organise the layout of text, images and logo to maximize the impact and relevant information given into a visually pleasing result.

To ensure your flyer is read by your target audience have the facts clearly stated taking advantage of bullet points, headers and different fonts. Get the balance right – infographics are great for this, much better than a leaflet that is full of text.

Visual Appeal

While digital marketing is huge these days, we still get a fair amount of printed literature through the door, which is why you need to have an advertising leaflet that will grab the attention of your potential customer.

The advantages of advertising leaflets over digital paid ads are that you can create an eye-catching, attention-grabbing layout. Choose colourful images, bold headers and punchy text, along with a size and style leaflet that will have the most impact on your potential customer.

Target specific demographics


The most common way of distributing printed leaflets is posting through letterboxes or handing out in busy areas. This is a really cost effective way of targeting local demographics. For example if you are opening a new cafe or shop what better way of raising awareness than handing out leaflets in the vicinity at optimum times?

The advantages of advertising leaflets are clear to see; if you design a great leaflet that is visually pleasing and easy to read, delivered to you chosen 

demographic, you will reap the benefits.

If you’re ready to push out a leaflet driven campaign for your business talk to the team at Barry Design, we’ve been designing and printing quality leaflets for years!