Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Every day there are millions of searches performed on the Internet, many of them looking for exactly what you are selling. The process of getting your website to the top of the search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available. When building a website it’s imperative that your designer knows how to properly program the site to be ‘SEO friendly’. Some of these program essentials include: Keyword population, URL Titles, Code descriptions, DMOZ (Open Directory), Home page verification, Site maps, Links Exchange, Tag Cloud etc. As well as programming you could use Google Adwords, for example, where you pay to get listed on top of the search, usually refered to as Pay Per Click Advertising. There are many other ways to establish strong SEO and at Barry Design we have can design an SEO package to suit your business and your budget.

When properly utilised, search engine optimization gives small businesses an opportunity to compete at the same level as larger corporations. It also provides large corporations with the opportunity to increase brand awareness and further solidify their dominance in their industry.

Optimize your site with keywords throughout your site

SEO is all about optimising your visibility online through a process of programming, advertising and generally just networking your site as much as possible. Words are the key to every search – it makes sense that if I search for ‘Travel Agent in Cork’ the search engine will return a website that has these words featured prominently on the site.

When planning your website decide on your key services & products and then make sure that the site is optimised specifically for each of these. We would advise a separate page for each key service, which should then in turn be optimised properly – this means ensuring that the content includes the important keywords, that the headings on each paragraph carry the keywords and the first introductory paragraph carries the keywords. Search engines can’t read pictures, except for the labels embedded on them – be careful with too many pictures.

If your company specialises in Travel then Google expects to find the words ‘Travel’ in prominent places on some pages of your website. Besides the content you see on each page there are a few things in the background that the search engines also place huge importance on: The title of each web page, the description for each page and the keywords for each page are really important. These are programmed into the background but it is important that they include the words that are important to you:, eg ‘Travel in Cork’

Ongoing SEO Maintenance

SEO is an ongoing process. You may be on page one of a Google Search today and end up on page 3 the next. It’s about how much you put into it but of course it also depends on how efficient your competitors are too. The amount of work required on SEO for any site will depend on many factors including the size of your site or business, competition online from other similar businesses and so on. Then to maintain your SEO you will need ongoing support…

Our standard approach to a new SEO project can be divided into these two main areas of work:

1. SEO Consultation
• Keyword research and analysis
• Write meta data and title tags and add to the website
• Suggest content and copy ideas to boost SEO
• Add back links (external links for site quality and exposure) including Google Places

2. Monthly or quarterly support
• Ongoing SEO and strategy research (all keywords)
• Content editing/keyword inclusion
• Back link building
• SEO feedback reports
• Analyse and monitor keyterms and affect on website traffic

Online Marketing

We can also create an Online Marketing Plan, which can include Pay per click, Banner advertising, Social Media, EZines etc
This would require a meeting with our online marketing specialist to establish the extent of the marketing plan intended and what budget restraints there are.

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Business Packages

If your just starting out in business the first thing you need is a well designed logo and we have a lot of experience in designing original, strong company logos and we know how to carry the design through to all formats which will give you a powerful overall corporate identity. With over 25 years experience we know what works!

Flyers & Brochures

Our friendly team of designers will help you create imaginative and striking designs that will guarantee your marketing material will have a strong impression on your target audience. Whether you’re producing a promotional leaflet, flyer or brochure, we will create a design that will stand out from your competitors.

Web Design

At Barry Design we build attractive, high quality, effective websites which are very competitively priced. Not all web companies have the design skills as well as the programming skills to produce fantastic looking sites that also have great functionality and high search engine rankings.